Free Brain Games

Number Twins

Training Area: Math calculations

Description: Put your mental math and speed skills to the test. Keeps your math skills sharp and helps to boost your logical reasoning skills.

DID YOU KNOW: If you fall asleep in less than 5 minutes you are probably sleep deprived.

Think Outside the Flock

Training Area: Flexibility

Description: Put your creative thinking skills to the test.

DID YOU KNOW: 75% of people believe their generation has more stress than the previous generation.

Letter Drop

Training Area: Verbal Fluency

Description: A real brain workout. Word building in bubbles.

DID YOU KNOW: Reading helps to improve your overall verbal abilities.

The Key Game

Training Area: Flexibility

Description: You'll love critical thinking without a net in this brain exercise.

DID YOU KNOW: Breaking a sweat helps to boost your immune system and pump oxygen to your brain.

A Spoon Full of Sugar

Training Area: Flexibility

Description: Grab a spoon and your spatial skills in this brain challenge.

DID YOU KNOW: Polyphenols in herbal tea help support memory function.

Factory Balls

Training Area: Problem Solving

Description: Grab your goggles and head to the workshop. A fabulous creative thinking puzzle awaits.

DID YOU KNOW: Deep breathing helps remove toxins from the brain and body.

Ball Slicer

Training Area: Concentration

Description: Slice and dice your way to better concentration skills.
Fun for your brain!

DID YOU KNOW: Playing brain games helps to relieve stress.

Marble Jar

Training Area: Pattern Recognition

Description: Relax and focus in this favorite brain game.
Mental fitness comes in all shapes and sizes.

DID YOU KNOW: Potassium found in lemons helps boost memory function and brain performance.


Training Area: Concentration

Description: Takes your concentration skills to a whole new level.
A brain game a day help brain health stay!

DID YOU KNOW: Eating seafood once a week could reduce your risk of developing dementia and help prevent brain decline.


Training Area: Problem Solving

Description: Plan to build something amazing today.

DID YOU KNOW: Drinking water helps to keep your brain hydrated. Your brain is approximately 80 pecent water.

Sea of Faces

Training Area: Memory

Description: Put your memory skills to the test - it all starts with concentration.

DID YOU KNOW: Listening to music can elevate your mood and boost your brain's ability to concentrate.

Jewel Thief

Training Area: Concentration

Description: The eyes have it in this addictive brain game.
Who said free online games weren't fun?

DID YOU KNOW: Science shows that when it comes to brain training games - variety is the key.

Stained Glass

Training Area: Problem Solving

Description: A unique brain puzzle game you'll love.

DID YOU KNOW: You brain generates more electrical impulses in one day than all the telephones on earth.

Jumping Arrows

Training Area: Concentration

Description: Focus and move with haste in this exciting concentration game.

Lemon Alphabet

Training Area: Verbal Fluency

Description: Word finding served up in a glass. Language -based brain games build left brain thinking.

DID YOU KNOW: Frequent jet lag can impair memory function.

Making Curfew

Training Area: Memory

Description: Memory matters in this delightful pattern recognition games. We'll leave a light on for you.

DID YOU KNOW: Harvard maintains a brain bank where more than 7000 brains are stored.

Apple Basket

Training Area: Verbal Fluency

Description: Grab a basket and your left brain in this challenging brain game.

DID YOU KNOW: Smelling lavender or peppermint can help to relieve stress and help your brain relax.

Combination Lock

Training Area: Memory

Description: Back to basics. Give your short term memory a classic brain workout.

DID YOU KNOW: Most people dream an average of 1-2 hours per night.

Cup Swap

Training Area: Concentration

Description: Now you see 'em, now you don't.
This mental challenge builds concentration skills.

DID YOU KNOW: Brain games have been found to improve concentration levels in daily life.

Smooth Circles

Training Area: Problem Solving

Description: Grab your yoga mat and your thinking cap.
Brain fitness meets Namaste!

DID YOU KNOW: Albert Einstein's brain was smaller than average except in the area known for math and spatial reasoning.